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Wheel Chair Seven made her arrival on the river bed some 37 years ago and upon repair, she continued to serve well, retiring on 5-7-1983. While on Active Duty, she served with the following units during her first 27 years wearing Navy Gray.


     In her military career, she flew 15,471 hours, made 152 cat shots, and caught a wire 422 times.

 First flight   

 Bethpage, LI.   




 Test Aircraft 

 Grumman Aircraft 





  N.A.S. Moffett Fld, CA   





 N.A.S. North Island, CA 




 FASRON 116 

 N.A.S. Alameda, CA 





N.A.S. Atsugi, Japan





 N.A.S. Atsugi, Japan 





 N.A.S. Alameda, CA.




 Ship's Company

 CVA-64 Constellation




 Ship's Company 

 CVA-34 Oriskany




 Ship's Company

 CVA-65 Enterprise 




 Ship's Company

 CVA-19 Hancock 





 Cubi Point, PI 




 Station Aircraft

 N.A.F. Misawa, Japan




 Station Aircraft 

 N.A.T.T.C. Lakehurst, NJ





 M.A.S.D.C., AZ.




 C-1 Aerofuels 

 Fairbanks, AK