137790 at Palmer, Alaska airshow to help raise funds for the Palmer Air and Transportation Museum. That's yours truly in the rear cockpit.


We are also looking for data on the T-28B's that live, or lived, in Fairbanks. 137790 has headed south but the other two are still here. 138444 is flying and 138282 is still in work. She has her new paint job but is not flyable yet. “Soon...” I’m told........


137790 seems to have had an interesting career for a trainer, including some " Black Work " for the Air Force. This period in her life is still classified as ' TOP SECRET ' for what ever odd reason that may be, and the Air Force to now has been some what reluctant to release any information. What also seems strange about this period is that she MAY have served in her Navy TRACOM color scheme as there appears to be no indication of any ' camo ', or any other ' combat ' color scheme, under her present TRACOM paint that she retired in. During one period she was attached to Headquarters, Marines at Andrews A.F.B., and that is a color scheme we're particularly interested in finding.


We would like to hear from anyone who has photo's either of these planes, flew in, or twisted wrenches on them.


Marty Hall



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